Welcome to the Interstate Reliability Project

The Interstate Reliability Project is a proposed 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission project in an existing transmission right-of-way. It is one of four New England East-West Solution (NEEWS) 345-kV transmission projects serving portions of New England. The Interstate Reliability Project is needed to meet the demand for electricity and support the reliable delivery of electricity to customers under many different conditions.

Project Information

The proposed Project begins in Millbury, Massachusetts and continues along the existing transmission line rights-of-way (ROW) into North Smithfield, Rhode Island. It continues west to Burrillville, Rhode Island and into Connecticut where it will connect to a new line being constructed by Connecticut public utility, Northeast Utilities.

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Project Update Notice - Massachusetts for the weeks of July 28th and August 4th

Tree clearing work from the Millbury #3 Switching Station to the Massachusetts/Rhode Island line is now more than 25% complete.

Tree crews will continue along the right-of-way (ROW) over the next few weeks moving as follows:

  • Route 146 ROW crossing moving south to Purgatory Road
  • Purgatory Road south towards the second ROW crossing of Route 146
  • Route 146 to Main Street in Northbridge and continuing to Lackey Dam Road and Williams Street in Uxbridge

Steel tower removal will proceed over the next two weeks as follows:

  • Week of July 28th: Route 146 to Purgatory Road
  • Week of August 4th: Purgatory Road to Route 146 (second crossing)
Project Update Notice - Rhode Island for the weeks of July 28th and August 4th

Tree clearing crews have cleared the ROW from the Sherman Farm Road Switching Station to Black Plain Road in North Smithfield. A section between Providence Pike and Woonsocket Hill Road has also been cleared. More than 85% of the Line 341 tree clearing from the Sherman Farm Road Switching Station to the West Farnum Substation has been completed.

Foundation drilling activity is underway at various locations along the ROW. Multiple foundation drilling crews will continue working along the corridor from Sherman Farm Road/West Ironstone Road in Burrillville to the West Farnum Substation at Black Plain Road in North Smithfield, preparing foundations for the new transmission line structures.  

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Project Map

The Interstate Reliability Project encompasses approximately 15.4 miles of ROW in Massachusetts through the towns of Millbury (.7 mile), Sutton (6.2 miles), Northbridge (.3 mile), Uxbridge (7.6 miles), and Millville (.6 mile); and 22.5 miles in Rhode Island through the towns of North Smithfield (9.3 miles) and Burrillville (13.2 miles).

Notice: Utility rights-of-way are off limits to off-road drivers

National Grid reminds off-road drivers that utility rights-of-way are private property where unauthorized dumping and trespass by motorized vehicles is unlawful. These rights-of-way are a critical part of the company's electric and gas network. Limiting activities within the corridors protects the public, avoids damage to company facilities and supports the reliability of electric and gas service. For more information, click here.